Being a busy worker & God

This is a shot of the book, The Pursuit of God.

What do we think about this? A.W. Tozer, in his book The Pursuit of God, says a man may be a busy worker, but he can have devotion to God just like any other (as compared to monks or people who work in ministry). They spend their free moments thinking on God.

I was thinking about this and I do think that it's true. And honestly that's where From the Grounds Up birthed - being crazy just working, I was dissatisfied and wanting some way to serve God and I thought an online business would give me that ability, if work required me to be in early and work late. I couldn't physically serve at locations consistently, but I could find bits and pieces of free time to build a business.

Is it easy? No. And I definitely don't think I have much figured out. But I will say, when I think on looking back at my life five, ten, twenty years from now, I want to know I did more than work like mad at a job that didn't help others and filled my pockets. That all feels pretty empty anyway.

After just finishing The Sacred Pace, I've realized maybe the best way to minister (for me) is to go about taking risks at work and trying new roles and increasing my breadth and experience, all the while being bold enough to share my faith when the moments present themselves. Which gets easier as I'm more and more myself at work. When I am myself, my experiences with God naturally pour out like they do at home with my family and friends. And that's ministry, I think. Go out among the people God has you interacting with, and be yourself. Share what you learned about yourself in church. Share what books you're reading, and that you prayed about the decision you made (without being forceful or obnoxious or high and mighty). If that's who you are, it won't be forced.