Britt's blog

So, I've had a lot of thoughts about blogs over the years. I've read about putting out good content, in certain frequency, with hashtags and links and graphics, all to optimize attracting readers. And it's a lot of work. I've learned about vulnerability posts, SEO, following trends, using trending topics, selecting a theme for what you write about....

I think that probably all has value to some degree. And maybe now that I've studied it a  bit it'll come into play without me realizing I'm  using that knowledge. But I have to say, for me, it makes blogging not fun and more of a chore. I always thought a blog would be fun to share ideas, experiences, and write about whatever I was most passionate about in the moment. I love to read, travel, explore, try new hobbies, have goals, so why not write about those things? Especially the books I'm reading.

So, after years of trying to create these beautiful blog posts for my From the Grounds Up coffee business that supports orphans, I decided no more blogging. And now I've decided, why not have one so I can record my thoughts, kind of  like a live diary? I would love to look back on books I've read, thoughts I've had, and see how God has worked a timeline in my life - and I do journal so that helps. But I don't write down my thoughts on books and such in my journal, I usually just write prayers and things that are heavy on my mind.

So this blog will be for the fun stuff. It won't be pretty, it won't be edited, I'm just going to write a paragraph or two when I get excited about something and want to quickly write it down. 

Read it if you find it interesting, otherwise, please ignore it! Life is too short to read boring or unhelpful things.