Do ALL things to Christ's glory (even the little things)

Dillon and I were reading this book (51 pages, seemingly short but deceivingly dense!) And found that every couple of pages had a major revelation.
The language is beautiful and descriptive but dense, and it took us awhile to get through it but we submitted ourselves to only reading a couple pages a day, and those couple pages were always transformational! I mean it, the number of concepts he brings to light in this short book in such a revelatory way is incredible.
But the one thing that we bring up consistently from it is his conversation on doing things to God's glory. And I mean Everything. The last few pages say there is not more importance in the work of the "layman" vs. The minister. It's all about the spirit in which your work is done. Do you make it your intention to serve God in everything you do? Whether you're filing papers, going into a meeting, or grabbing lunch during your workday, is it all to the glory of God?
Tozer also says the average man might say he is too busy with work all day, and there is little time for thinking on God - to which Tozer responds by saying, basically, that's not reality. The man who loves God finds time for thinking about Him in the spare moments; in your coffee break, your mental break at your desk, in your interactions with friends and coworkers.
What do you think?
It makes me think, even when I'm doing menial tasks at work, I do it with excellence for the Lord. Because He is ultimately the one I'm working for. For example, I may find a task slightly useless, or maybe wonder if anyone will notice it, or maybe even think it's a waste of time. But regardless, if I need to do the task, I should do it with excellence, not cutting corners or doing it poorly, but to my best because the Lord sees my work and I'm working for Him.
And what greater way to minister than at our workplaces? Ministers don't have access to the corporate world, to your school or the hospital where you work. But we do. Aren't we potentially more the missionary than anyone in ministry because of our access to unbelievers?
I know at my work I interact with different people all the time, and when I switch job roles every couple of years, I have a new team to interact with. I think I'm meant to use these couple years of interaction with them to show them Christ through relationship (which is honestly the hardest, because it's a daily battle to maintain relationship sometimes), and talk to them about Jesus when I get a closer friendship with them.
We are all little missionaries, going to work to do our covert (or not so covert) mission work. Let's have a blast with it!