Coffee Catering? With GREAT coffee?? Yes. It's here.

Want to WOW with your catering choice??

Wow them with a premium coffee bar, and double-wow them that your coffee experience supports orphans! If you're looking for unique and memorable, you've found it.


We only use Ethiopian beans that are organic and fair-trade certified, and roast  fresh coffee beans for your event. When we brew your coffee, we offer French Press and Drip Coffee to ensure the best coffee-drinking experience. 


We strongly believe in a quality coffee-drinking experience, and cater coffee the way we would want to drink it! We offer:

  • French press or drip coffee
  • Hot water for tea
  • Sugar, Brown Sugar, Stevia 
  • Creamers
  • A feature poster with your names on it
  • A feature chalkboard with your names on it
  • Cups/lids/sleeves
  • Other add-ons: Cookies of your choice (stroop waffles pictured), Personalized stamped or stickered sleeves, coffee favor bags, other special requests.
  • We'll send you home with any extra coffee so you can sip fresh coffee and reminisce on a great day :).


Contact us for a quote at 

Don't forget to tell your guests that the coffee you serve them supports orphans! Make your special day extra special. 

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