Capping your salary.

Does that statement scare you? It shouldn't. It's actually a statement that can bring you a ton of joy and excitement!

Do you have a dream you'd love to follow, but don't know how you'd get the funding for it?

When my fiance first brought this idea to me (see him in the feature photo!), I felt my excitement levels rising as he explained. Let me try to explain it here.

Do you wish you had an investor, a rich uncle, or even just some play money to start your own business, try out an invention, take a shot at investing, create a craft business, flip a house, or anything else? I like to imagine that everyone has at least one visionary dream in their head, but often we feel like there's some roadblocks (been there).

You are made for more. Find it.

A major roadblock for many is money.

Bear with me here. 

We all have a certain standard of living we either require, or wish to achieve. Simply put, if you live in an apartment, you may dream of owning your own home. While one person may dream of a 5 bedroom, updated house in the suburbs, another may dream of a quaint cottage-style home that they can fix up. We all set our standards - whether consciously or subconsciously by influence of family and friends, or maybe by dreams of our own, we desire a particular standard of living. But why? That's the question to ask. Does that extra bedroom bring you daily joy, adrenaline rushes, and excitement?

Maybe. If that bedroom has your passions built into it. But there's a good chance that extra square footage won't do a whole lot for your daily joy. 

Here's what I'm getting at. What if we got realistic about what would really bring us joy, at the bottom of our hearts? What would we jump out of bed in the morning excited to do??

Take a minute to imagine it. Your dream is unique to you.

Now here's the big idea. What if you could go for it? Take a shot at it? What would it take? 

If money is a hold-back, consider this: cap your salary. If you make $50,000/year, why not cap it at $45k and require that extra $5k is only for your dream? Was there a time you made $45k? Can we just go back to that state, living like we still made $45k?

Have you ever gotten a raise? What did you do with it? (can we even remember?)

What if, instead of spending that extra $5k from your bonus, you considered your salary capped and knew that any additional money you made went straight into your dream fund? Now, every extra dollar you earn above your income cap goes straight into your business development, your investment, your dream of going on a mission trip. Whatever it is, you now have the funds! 

There's an instinct to desire money to feel happier, to get the things we want.

But if you've ever gotten a series of raises, you and I both know it didn't buy us happiness. It often just allowed more conveniences, and then we wanted another raise to make us "happy". 

So cap your salary.

If you're making $80k, cap it at $70k. Or $75k. Decide you don't need the most expensive house your budget will allow (because you have more exciting things to put your money towards!). Use any raises or bonuses that exceed your salary to fund and fuel your dreams! You now have a chunk of money that is only for that dream.

One last thing, because you might be thinking it. Even if your dream doesn't pan out, it was worth it. The people you impact, the skills you gain, the joy you feel, the growth you experience - is worth every. single. penny. And that will prepare you for your next dream and life going forward.

Do something that matters.

More on that in a sec.