How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Do you wonder how to brew a great cup of coffee at home? You always try to brew a perfect cup of coffee, but fall through and you don’t know why? Here are some of the coffee tips that will help you in understanding the perfect reasons behind brewing a perfect cup of coffee.

No matter which technique you use to brew (Pour-over, Drip, Espresso, or Press pot), the main aspects will help you in brewing your cup of coffee perfectly every time. So, it’s never late to know because as soon as you understand the factors you’ll be closer to be a perfect barista maker.

Here are some helpful factors to remember when brewing a perfect cup of coffee to guarantee your satisfaction every time.

  1. Buy fresh coffee beans- Prefer high-grade coffee beans: The quality of coffee matters a lot when it comes to a perfectly brewed cup. Sometimes you brew coffee perfectly but still lose that taste barista flavor. Well, try not to compromise while selecting coffee beans because coffee has its one ingredient important to accumulate the perfect taste that is the coffee itself. So always buy quality coffee beans in small quantity, to ensure your every drink with fresh coffee beans. Perfectly roasted coffee endeavors the taste: Roasting a coffee bean helps in extracting the perfect taste of the coffee. Most of the time, the bitter taste of coffee is because of the imperfect roast. Roasting coffee makes the beans change their taste and color and help in producing better taste and aroma. So, Prefer freshly roasted coffee beans for better extraction.
  2. Know the enemies- Your coffee beans are 2 days old and still, it tastes bitter. It may be because of the improper storage that makes enemies of coffee get in contact with it. Coffee enemies are strong and they ruin the freshness and the taste of your beans, by getting in contact with them. Light, air, moisture, and heat are the main rivals of coffee beans. So, to maintain the freshness you need to store your coffee beans in an airtight place and at room temperature so that they can be way away from rivals. You can store them either in airtight containers and can also use the foil bags which have a one-way air passing valve that helps in releasing the CO2 emitted out of the coffee beans. Remember: Do not store your coffee beans in the refrigerator or the fridge, they can stay fresh and good exactly at room temperature so just keep it on your countertops or pantry with the airtight packing to ensure freshness of the coffee beans.
  3. Grind just before you brew- Beans after grinding starts losing their taste because coffee beans have all their essential oils and aromatic flavors captured in them and the moment you grind the beans the flavors and aroma extract out opening the pathway of rivals to attack. So, always prefer to grind the coffee beans just before you brew. It will help you with the extraction of fresh aromatic taste out of your grounded coffee beans. Remember: The best type of grinder to use for the perfect extraction of flavors is the burr grinder as it produces less heat while grinding to save the essential oil and flavors of the coffee bean.
  4. Store brewed coffee- For better results; after brewing coffee you must store your brewed coffee at a place that can maintain the temperature of the brew. Maintaining the temperature of the brewed coffee helps in saving the freshness and aroma. If it is not stored under thermal protection, it may start losing temperature resulting in a bitter taste. The best way to preserve your brewed coffee taste is by storing your brew in a vacuum thermal carafes or mug which helps in sustaining the temperature preserving the flavors and offer great taste in every sip. These factors are the main and the basic outline to brew a perfect tasting coffee. Coffee brewing is not hard; it just needs little considerations to brew a perfect barista taste. These factors will surely help you in getting the best tasting coffee every time you brew, so remember to store and brew at perfect conditions for extracting optimum taste and aroma.


Know the essentials.

The essentials to take care before brewing your perfect grounded coffee beans:

  •  Water: Water should be fresh and clean to maintain the flavor. Impure or soft water may contain such minerals, which will affect the taste of the coffee beans by reacting with them, making them lose their flavor and Aroma resulting in a bitter taste. So always use hard water or mineral pure freshwater to brew your cup of coffee.
  •  Water temperature: For obtaining a perfect cup of coffee by any coffee procedure temperature matters a lot. Temperature brings changes in coffee taste if the temperature is more your coffee may over-extract resulting in a bitter taste and if it’s low, it under-extracts giving you less taste and no aroma. So, always maintain the optimum temperature between (190°F to 205°F) for obtaining the perfect brewed coffee.
  • Weighing your coffee grounds: To use the perfect quantity directly helps in better extraction and taste. Every style needs a different quantity of coffee. Most of the time you lose barista flavor while brewing in your home coffee shop because of the quantity of grounded coffee you used to brew. The perfect quantity of grounded coffee brews a perfect cup of coffee. So, always measure your grounded coffee before brewing. The perfect quantity used for brewing each technique is shown below.
Amount Ounces of water Brew time Grind size
Drip 1-2 Tablespoon 6 oz 6 minutes Medium
Pour-over 1-2 Tablespoon 6 oz 3 minutes Medium fine
Press Pot 1-2 Tablespoon 6 oz 4 minutes Coarse grinded
Espresso 7-9 Grams 2.5 oz 20-30 seconds Fine