Your Networks and Skills

The land of opportunity. 

A reporter decides to give up her middle-class life to experience what it is to work minimum-wage jobs and try to make it in America. Is this the land of opportunity, or not?

It was a brave venture, and a tough one at that. In Nickel and Dimed, the author tells stories about being worked to the bone, eating as cheaply as possible, finding the lowest-cost housing, interacting with others, the hiring and interview processes, the personalities, mentalities and so much more. The stories are fascinating, shocking, and sobering. 

Why would you want to read this? 

It opens our eyes to misconceptions about what the U.S. is, and isn't. It may be a great country with plenty of opportunity, but every system is flawed, and awareness can lead us to find ways to help. 

She mentions that one of the biggest resources the wealthy have are their networks.

Think about your network - can you jump into volunteer work and involve the skills of your friends and families to meet needs?

Are you in finance, and can help people set budgets? Are you a plumber, and can train others in the trade? Are you able to use software, and could teach others the basics? Did you go to college, and can advise on how to apply for college or get financial aid?

You have SO many skills and resources. Start thinking about what you have to offer, and be brave. Google some non-profits and check out their volunteer opportunities, and see which ones you're capable of. You'll be surprised at how many skills you have.

Let's do this!