Remembering Nigeria.

I've been reminiscing on our Nigeria trip, going through videos and pictures, and remembering all the excitement and fun we had on that trip. We got to help with farm activities like laying a cement sidewalk for the muddy season when it's near impossible to enter/exit the farm, building the new pig pen, teaching the kids a Bible lesson and spending time with them, spending time with the missionaries to hear their experiences and their needs, and brainstorming how else we can help when we go back to the States. 

Four out of the five of us women who traveled to Nigeria were engineers, and the fifth a social worker. Even at the time I realized, this is incredible. Five women who are perfectly suited to dreaming up new engineering solutions to growing farm operations and training locals in a variety of skills, and a social worker who understands the psychology and trauma kids can go through, particular those who do not have the protection and guidance of parents. 

A couple of us have been brainstorming what we can do from afar to help. Morgan created a technical training video to help the locals with computer skills. Clay, the missionary with his family in Nigeria, is also an engineer, and loves to dream up new farm projects, and he shares them with me over Marco Polo so we can think up the best ways to go about it, and what else we can do. 

It's pretty neat, actually. Sometimes I forget how fun it is. Sometimes I get bogged down in how we're not doing enough, and I'm not able to sell enough coffee to really help them. 

Praying for patience, and in the meantime, I'm reading The Sacred Pace, which is helping a lot. It's a fantastic book, and it's teaching me to be patient and wait for God's timing and instruction in everything.