Updates from the Farm!

Were you waiting to hear about the farm?? 

(Yes, enough about books, please. Tell us how our $'s are going to work)
We have some updates! In addition to our (your) donations, a church made a $12,000 donation to the farm and allowed for even MORE progress! That's the goal, and we're excited about it! 

As a reminder, the farm not only employs locals and boosts the local economy, but it also generates income to support the needs of our orphans and vulnerable children. Your dollars go into the farm and get multiplied - in ADDITION to providing jobs, boosting the community and the local economy, empowering people, and allowing them to care for their children (it's always good business to work yourself out of a job!).

Without further ado, here's the updates!!

"There is a lot going on at the farm currently. It has become a very positive topic in the village and improved relations as it's showing our dedication to improving the economic situations they face.
- New chicken coop is currently in use with the first batch. The industrial standard of manufacture has already shown great results on mortality. Our capacity is greatly increased and in combo with the cold storage allows a much simpler management of one batch at a time.
- Power has been installed on the property with a dedicated transformer. Power has always been a constant barrier to progress and the new dedicated transformer will allow consistent power at the site
- Cold room is nearing completion and will add an entirely new market for the farm. Exporting to higher margin areas of Nigeria, the ability to process birds at the ideal time to maximize the feeding, and storage to allow on demand deliveries in Jos and surrounding states.
- Slaughter house will allow processing to be conducted in house which will decrease cost and add more jobs, and will also reduce our bio security risks at the farm by not having outside vendors on the farm property. Having a proper workspace will allow packaging to open up direct sales to consumers which is a new large market."
Great news, right?? 
Keep buying coffee, we are doing work!!