What is your Thanksgiving story?

One of the greatest things that I've read is that "Even in the darkest of times there is still something to be thankful for." Indeed, it is right. We are truly blessed that we are alive, we have food on our table, we have our family and friends that love us, we have a source of income that supports our daily needs, and most important is we have the capacity to give back and share our blessingsIt doesn't matter if it's big or small, even a kind word or a simple act of service can go a long way.

This holiday season, we want to say thank you for all your support of us and our mission. We are hoping for your continuous support (may it be by purchasing coffee or by simply wishing us well), and we appreciate each one of you.

From From The Grounds Up Coffee, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.

Thank you, we wouldn't be here without you.

PS. Thank you for helping us put a smile on her face. Every coffee will help her and her friends to go to school, receive uniforms, counseling, and so much more.