Caring for Orphans

What we do

We sell premium coffee and send our profits to help orphans.

Our partnership with Back2Back Ministries allows us to give our business profits directly to their Nigeria location to directly aid their orphan-care projects in the village (a few of our kids are pictured above!). Whether they need school books and supplies, food or care items, farming equipment and developments to sustainably fund their efforts and provide jobs in the community, or anything else, we work with them to provide the funding for it.


Our main focus is funding farm projects. The farm empowers locals by providing jobs and skills. As the farm develops, the community is better able to support themselves and their children, in an effort to work ourselves out of the equation and allow them to flourish. For that reason, we (From the Grounds Up) direct our dollars to specifically support farm projects such as buying more land to cultivate, building additional chicken coops and pig pens, building a greenhouse for growing vegetables even during the monsoon season, buying farm animals to breed, and more. When the farm grows, we generate more profit to support the orphans' needs, create more jobs at the farm, and build up the local village economy. 

Back2Back in Nigeria

Our coffee is fair-trade and organic, because we care about your health and we're passionate about treating fairly those involved in the process of bringing us these delicious coffee beans.

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How we do it

100% of our net profits are sent to Nigeria, and Back2Back uses 100% of our support to cover orphan-care needs and projects.

What does that look like? If we sell $200 worth of coffee products, and our materials, business and shipping costs are $175, we will send $25 straight to Nigeria (200-175 = $25). I (Brittani) am not paid at any point in this business - it's my dream for every dollar to get sent to Nigeria! 


How you can help

Buy our products! 

You can buy coffee for:

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