Paracord for Orphans

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Paracord for Orphans, 550 lb rating, Survival bracelet, camping bracelet, hipster bracelet, hiking


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Closure: Buckle
  • Style: Boho & hippie
  • Can be personalized
  • Made to Order

We like to do things we're excited about, with excellence, and pass the profits on to orphans in Nigeria. See our shop for more things we're excited about.

Paracord bracelets are a key component in survival gear! 550 Paracord rope is rated to 550 lbs tensile strength, and can be used to hang tarps/tents, fish and make nets, make traps, create pulley systems, hang food up high (away from animals' reach), hang clothing to dry, and a lot more. We hope you're inspired to learn to tie a few different kinds of knots, too! We think it's a lot of fun and a great survival skill.

We hand tie the knots in this bracelet, and you can easily untie the bracelet to unfold your length of rope!

If you want to learn to tie knots, we recommend this video:
To learn how to make this bracelet, see this video:

We can make a custom length for you. We recommend not wearing this bracelet too tight on your wrist, so please consider adding at least a centimeter after you measure the circumference of your wrist. You can do that by measuring a watch or bracelet you currently wear, or taking a piece of string to measure your wrist, and putting it up against a ruler.

Feel free to ask us any questions!